Monday, March 24, 2008

For My Pakz

Please don't ask me what am i thinking
It's our friendship without you by my sight
My heart's been bleeding, the Thought of you leaving
Please don't ask me why I am hiding
It's because I'm afraid to face that you're going
I toss and turn
Can't sleep at night
It's worrying me, I'll be left alone
It only hurts
The more i pretend
That we could ever
Be together again with all those tears and joy galore
Please don't ask me
Why I'm hurting like this
You could easily paint a smile in my face
But I try my best to never tell you so
Because it really shows
And pretend that I am not affected
When time comes you'll go
Please don't ask me why I'm not talking
I just can't explain
And please don't ask me
Why I go walking around out in my mind
For I am convincing myself you needed to go
To have you here would be a mistake
Ohhhh just please stop asking.. why I hate goodbyes
Please stop telling me... coz I'm going to cry...
I will miss you surely
But please do tell me...
That you will miss me too.. our friendship...